24/12/18 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

Update on construction at Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium, not a lot going on onsite. 1 year Since the first 360 birds eye view Music Unrest By ELPHNT camisetas atletico de madrid antiguas by Camisetas oficiales de la Selección Española.Ojo !! No es el modelo de Adidas, por eso salen tan baratas, sino un modelo que […]

11/12/18 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium 360 birds eye view

Update on construction at Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium East stand road with freshly laid tarmac cladding continues, South Stand entrance screens Showing «Welcome» Podium being cleared. West Entrance being cleared on one side, big screen on the west facade being tested. All screens inside the bowl are on including all ribbon advertising boards and pitch […]

08/10/18 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium The Pitch is in 4K

360 Birds Eye View, Update on construction at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium The Pitch Is completed, grow lights on the new pitch, Tree’s planted along the high road. also more work completed on the Skywalk Music: Scratch the Itch by Quincas Moreira camisetas del sevilla baratas by Era un regalo para mi sobrino, le […]

25/08/18 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

360 Birds Eye View of Tottenham Hotspur new stadium. Update on construction. Music, Let’s Go Home By Jeremy Blake Feel Free to publish images from the video but please credit Mr AV. camiseta de futbol baratas by muy buena calidad de la camiseta…cumplidas expectativas, tanto de la talla como de la tela. Compra recomendable. Contento. […]

21/01/19 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

The long awaited return of MrAV. Update on construction at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. looks like the last remaining crane will be coming down shortly, East side cladding being completed and the bronze cladding on the Ticket office. Music Puppy Love By Bad Snacks camiseta bayern munich niño by Es tal y como lo describen, aunque […]

26/02/19 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium evening flight

Check out this link for a 3D model of the stadium (best from a PC) check out the tabs to the left and right and play with the tools on the right Update on construction at Tottenham Hotspur new Stadium The east side Veil is almost complete should be complete tomorrow This is an even […]

11/02/19 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium 4K

Update on the construction of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Work Continues on the east side of the stadium with the cladding being installed. Ticket office taking shape. check out the 3d ish model of the stadium use the tools to measure an area or distance, inspect to see to photos or just move around […]

02/03/19 Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

Check the latest 3D Model of the stadium Update on construction, The Veil (Cladding) has been completed, East stand Entrance LED screens on test and a clip from 27/02/19 Music Lonely Troutman II By William Rosati camisetas baratas de futbol para niños by Por su precio y teniendo en cuenta que es para un niño […]