Extended highlights from the Emirates FA Cup fourth-round replay, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, between Tottenham and Southampton, on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

Spurs won with goals from Tanguy Ndombele, Lucas Moura and Son Heung-min, while Saints scored through Shane Long and Danny Ings.

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  1. F I X E D.
    Matchfixer Mourinho is back at his old Chelsea tricks with referee payoffs to get penalties – and this time, hes found a way to fiddle VAR and the media as well!
    Did it go to VAR? Apparently, Yes.
    Did the media Show the VAR? No.
    Did the VAR rule out the penalty? Somehow, No.
    Was it a foul: Absolutely not.
    Remember – Mourinho won the Premiership with Chelsea by paying the refs for penalty (and other) decisions. Thats why Frank Lampard of all people was a top scorer – cos he was the penalty-taker, and my GOD did they get a lot of spotkicks.
    Another manager and Id give benefit of the doubt 65/35. But Mourinho? No goddamned Way was that not fixed.

  2. Sorry but VAR just had to FUCK OFF! It makes no difference! The same has happened at Liverpool as happened today aka with Son being a dirty diver! If VAR is to be used next season it should only be used for offsides, mistaken identity and whether it was in or out of the box! So basically things that you can’t argue with as today proved yet again the the ‘big teams’ will always get the advantage! I mean how Ings’s penalty wasn’t given and yet that twats (aka son’s) is! Sorry but I’ve had it with VAR and that’s that, us fans need to start doing something about this!

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