Jose Mourinho spoke to Spurs TV following his side’s FA Cup fourth round replay win against Southampton.

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  1. 💰👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 🤺…………………….🚓< <💩The money taken illegaly this weekend by Moufraudinho and co shud be given to the ref.Didnt bother to check VAR when Chinese termite fell because his belly was full of dog meat cooked alive after its flesh being tenderized with shovels by local rodents.
    Fkg lucky communist winning trophies by sheer luck with leg breaking ball kickers,😒

  2. Mourinho love is increasing…I dont know about u …but as a Spurs fan Im disgusted with the way we are playing…this tactics does not work without luck…u can only get lucky 2 out of 10 times at best…this is disgusting ! Under Poch I felt passion and fight and looked forward to every match…now it is just diabolical!

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