Heung-min Son spoke to Spurs TV after scoring the winner in Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-2 FA Cup fourth round replay tie against Southampton.

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  1. Falling down is not same thing to dive. Sometimes players should fall down to avoid injuries from deep tackle. If players have to take risk to be injured to get penalty kick, it is cruel and unfair.

  2. A win is a win yesterday wasent our best game we can improve in some areas but a win is a win let’s get this win vs Norwich in the next round spurs till I die

  3. I have some special mentions: (1) there are several guys that work a lot, but Lucas Moura is one of the most dedicated athletes I've seen. The effort and the dedication he shows repeatedly are smth special – he is my mad of the match. I hope that Jose will be able to inject some pragmatism into his performances – too often the effort bears little fruit. (2) normally, I am the first to go after dele – not personally – but because he is not my type of CAM. however, yesterday it was pure class and a very mature play as well. perhaps him not being there is the best arg for him to be there – hope he will prove me wrong more often. (3) whatever it is with Jan, please sort it out. he is a very nice guy and he played well for years. he doesn't deserve to suffer even if it is time to part ways. there is no need for another erikson type exit. I am sure that all parts involved are mature enough to find a good course of action. It would be a petty to have this kind of episodes for some salary disputes or whatever non-sense. Personally, I would keep him for two more years on his current salary, I would play him only CB, if he accepts to be the third option. I would try to sell sanchez in the summer instead (un-correctable composure issues, nothing personal) and depending on where tanganga ends up (RB/CB) I would buy another top defender with the money from sanchez and aurier.

  4. so funny – emotions taking the penalty? – hmm you don't understand, I practice after training, I am basically a machine with very little room for error :))) guys – take the luck when it happens – you had plenty of bad luck as well. it probably wasn't a penalty, but it was very borderline and I wouldn't say that son dived – to the contrary he probably didn't dive convincing enough (letting the leg low enough etc.). the game was poor – but whatever you do, don't lose the morale! – saying that strikers and CAMs were not available are not excuses, it's just the reality – you got the result, you coped with bad circumstances. Congrats for the good. Learn from the bad and keep building on it.

  5. Son is a cheat. He clearly dived. There is no way that was a penalty. He knows it and all neutrals do too. Let's hope Norwich beat the revolting cheating Spurs in the next round. They are one despicable team!

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