paginas de camisetas de futbol baratas by Pues eso que vi el diseño de la nueva camiseta de España y me decidí por el modelo anterior, llego en el tiempo que marcaba y a un precio muy bueno, la recomiendo totalmente.

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  1. I wanna see us try out Troy Parrot,not sure if he's the ideal 'target man' as such…but he's 6 foot plus and quite strong for a youngun?
    What ya sayin Expressions??
    Playing off the shoulder?
    See if we got some treasure from Ireland? 😂
    It's not unheard of…US pulling world class strikers from outta our academy!! 😂

  2. It’s annoying because how many games we played under poch were we was the better team and still get beat! Now it’s fossil football and win but it’s worrying to see us play this way. Get us a trophy and I’ll shut up lol. Peace bro you’re a reet laugh!!!

  3. Hey expressions, direct your frustrations at Eriksen, not the serie A and Inter. 😉 I know many Inter fans that follow Tottenham ever since we play against each other last year and also the addition of Mourinho. Great fan base!

    Serie A = backyard football. You’re off with that one. Juve, Inter, Lazio Roma, Atlanta are all teams that could compete in the EPL. From top to bottom EPL is definitely the strongest league though.

  4. I dont know about u …but as a Spurs fan Im disgusted with the way we are playing…this tactics does not work without luck…u can only get lucky 2 out of 10 times at best…this is disgusting !…and still hating on Eriksen…we wont got a player like him in the next couple of generations…fans like u r a disgrace…this just not cool Expressions..after all he has done for us…u are the defination of an ungrateful fan.

  5. I don’t get why he is so mad at Eriksen. Eriksen acted like a pro. Was loyal to his contract. Never complained. Played really good for us. Had some bad games last season, but a lot of players had that. Saved us for losing against Arsenal and Norwich.

  6. Fossils are extinct bruv.. and you jokers can enjoy the last two W’s but if you think your luck ain’t gonna balance itself out your snkokin’ something.. certified pen?? 😂😂😂 your chatting breeze bruv that dog eating cheat was falling over before man even got touched..

  7. Lol I'm Ericksen and Expressions need to go out on some Mandate and Mansplain themselves to each other, yes the lawnmower slowed down towards the end of his contract, yet Poch and Mourinho didn't have to pick him for any of those games. All said and done COYS, we could be Oooozzzinn into the FA cup final.

  8. Expressions oozing salt… over Eriksen. He was right tho, spurs can't even be in the same conversation with Inter. He's at a bigger better club, and you're stuck with the dinosaur. Won't be long until you start falling asleep in games.

  9. Mourinho's brought out the popcorn too early. Still though Southampton are a great team these days, Spurs done well, just need to keep one eye on Pokimon man in the next round.

  10. The rope a dope trick seems to be working, of course not a pretty site to watch but hence we are in to the next round so we should be grateful even without the likes of key players missing .
    We have put that boogie team to bed …..

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