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The long-running FM20 journeyman series Non-League to Legend continues with the fourth club in this year’s journey, Tottenham Hotspur. Will we conquer Football Manager 2020 with Spurs or add another sacking to the collection? In today’s video we meet face Manchester United in the Premier League and AA Genk in the Champions League.

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tercera equipacion psg 2018 by Buena calidad, talla bien y muy bonita

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33 comentarios

  1. Kev for the love of all that is holy why are you using a guy with ELEVEN for JA to show you star ratings?! Surely, surely anyone and I mean anyone else at the club has a better rating? 😂

  2. This series is non-league to LEGEND- not moderately successful manager. Personally I like the idea of going to other clubs in top leagues and attempting to win the champions league there. Maybe go for a glory hunter style?

  3. 5:50 you've got the last syllable down, and I think the first two syllables are pronounced as Cost-On, so it's Cost-On-Ya. Which is the Dutch word (written as kastanje) for chestnut, incidentally.

  4. After the CL you should do a tour of the top teams in the 5th-10th legues in the world. Take the top teams in Russia, Portugal, Austria, The Netherlands and where ever else to win it all

  5. Slow down on the season progression; i.e., show us more games instead of skipping so far ahead each video. That will lengthen the series. If you win the CL with Spurs, then try for the treble.

  6. A fifa career mode youtuber,vBarfieboy, has a similar series. His achievement of legend status is take clubs to champions league glory with multiple sides in europe. Astablishing yourself as a legendary manager in all of Europe.

  7. Kev, love your videos. However….

    James Maddison might well be the 3rd best striker in terms of stats which you have proven. But don’t forget there’s the underwritten current and potential ability we can’t see on the screen.

    After fiddling with the editor in previous versions of the game, adjusting the current ability 100% adjusts the star rating which means that Maddison’s current ability is better than Alli right? We all know football manager works on numbers so if you want a better chance to win, playing Maddison will enhance your chances.

    I might be wrong

  8. Should you win the champions league with spurs, you should stick like one more season to try and repeat and then look elsewhere for employment. That would probably be the most realistic

  9. Kev: picks England team for 3 years

    Also kev: "Maddison has only played 12 times for England" as if he had no control over this and that means Madison isn't good 😂😂

  10. I loved Barnsley but this Spurs part of the save is so exciting. Can’t wait to get home and watch it. Would love 3 seasons here smashing everything before a move anywhere and even then maybe a 3rd or 4th position squad in Spain/Italy

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