Tottenham vs Southampton (3-2) | Ever wanted to know how much it REALLY cost to watch Spurs play in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium? Here’s your answer in this *FA CUP EDITION* of «How Much Does It Cost?»
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  1. I've paid £55 for a ticket for the West Ham game in March (on a One Hotspur membership) Maybe take into account 2 drinks before the game and something to eat, game programme, perhaps a few quid in the club shop too (bought myself a retro Spurs 1992 away shirt last time) could easily top near enough £100. However on other games it may only be my ticket fee before hand and a few quid on food/drink before kick off.
    sorry for the essay here 😄

  2. I just paid £80 for a ticket for the CL game v RB Leipzig, available through my one + membership. That is right up high in the Stadium, so not ideal.
    Who sets the prices for the tickets available on exchange? Ridiculous prices of £249 and more.

  3. Let's not forget you can always bring your own food and drink. I too live local. (in Tottenham) My total spend for the game was 28.50. Which was 25 for the ticket and 3.50 for the programme. Went straight from work. (got a monthly Oyster) I sometimes find it incredible the amount people spend on food on drink, on a match day.

  4. hey George, I'm a Tottenham supporter from Vietnam, and I've just recently subscribed to your channel. I really like this kind of content as it stands out from the rest, keep it up man!

  5. I've never been to England, but I've watched Tottenham play PSG in Orlando and Barcelona in LA. Not a lot of fellow Spurs fans where I'm from, but one of my teachers is and he went and watched Tottenham play Bournemouth. Can't wait for my turn 🙂 Would be nice to meet you too lol

  6. Yes, following Spurs now and that from an Ajax fan. I have total acceptence of the Spurs come back in the semifinal because nothing was stolen, unlike the Chelsea comeback against Ajax that was stolen. You have a beautiful stadium.

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