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It was a huge match and Anfield this weekend and it threw-up a few huge talking points. From Hugo Lloris’ mistake, Toby Alderweireld giving away a point, Moussa Sissoko being owned by Virgil van Dijk and Mauricio Pochettino lamenting social media culture. The Take a Bow boys Stevo The Madman and Craig Mitch also get into Mo Salah sniping at unnamed Premier League players, Neil Warnock being treated unfairly by referees once again and Patrick van Aanholt haunted relegated Premier League teams.

camiseta atletico de madrid niño by La camiseta es tal y como se ve en la foto. La talla, para mi gusto, es perfecta, una L de verdad.

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  1. Actually Stevo, this only shows CRAIG’S character as Salah didn’t take a dig at Aguero OR even Raheem Sterling, he took a dig at the media. ALSO he was bantering with Carra about it being his goal but when he was interviewed he simply said he only cares about the team getting 3 points. If Salah was serious, where’s his formal letter to the FA like Harry Klaim? Smh. The salt.

  2. If Warnock isn't banned from the touchline for 2 matches after all the times he's done this sort of thing (criticising referees in the media, behaving aggressively towards match officials etc) but Pochettino gets a ban and a fine there is no consistency from this FA. The amount of times other team's managers have done this same thing and not been punished the same way this season is kind of ridiculous too – Klopp, Mourinho (when still at United), Sarri to name just a few others. It was warranted in this instance for Warnock, they got badly screwed over by terrible decisions in that match, but the FA seem to just pick and choose based on whether the sky is overcast that day or not who they'll punish with a touchline ban or not.

  3. They fined Klopp for the pitch invasion but you say he wasn't criticized?! 🤔 NOBODY including Salah said he deserved the goal against Spurs. Tottenham scored a goal from a free kick with a ball in motion. No comment.

    I know it's opinions but it's clearly Spurs bitterness bro. Take your L coz it was fair & square.

  4. One thing I will never understand is Craig a spurs fan hating on Liverpool I mean it just doesn’t match at all. We never and will never gonna be in same level as Tottenham. So I really don’t get where the hatred/frustration is coming from. Even Aston Villa got more history than spurs. Pochettino saying their new europa league stadium gonna be better than anfield just makes it more hilarious. Liverpool bottled it lol but all the 20 teams starts from 0 point lmao. #YNWA

  5. Mitch is so bitter it’s unreal😂.. just because you got beat Mitch accept it & move on! that bitter he should support Everton! Rather have stevo do this show on his own, what does Mitch apart about football apart from tagging along with England! Boring

  6. On the France captain ting man can't figure out how Stevo saying Pogba shouldn't be captain when he the one dat gave de mad speech in the World Cup final and leads on and off the pitch everywhere he goes, only reason he ain't United captain is because of dickhead Jose and the stupid reason he took him down

  7. Mitch your full sh*t Mo actually said he didn't care about getting the goal in his name all he wanted was the three points. Stop pushing your jealous narrative it's as bad as anything brexit. Luv the show though

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