Hear the thoughts of Heung-min Son following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United to mark the end of our tour of Asia.

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camiseta del barça barata by Muy bonito y buena calidad. Lastima que no tenga bolsillos el pantalon

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  1. 19ㅡ20season sonny:No world cup,no asian game,no asian cup,no military service,first perfect pre season after tottenham player.Coming season will be his career high season.Good luck sonny,good luck spurs.COYS!!

  2. Dybala!?!? Levy ain’t got the bollocks to sign him would fit perfectly in the team behind kane when eriksen leaves but it’s to easy us spurs fans never get the signings we really want we always av to settle and use the frase if only!!! £60-65mil on tanguy un proven. Yet open a bid of £40mil for a proven quality international second striker which we’ve been crying out for?? Don’t get our hopes up if you really want him go get him don’t take the piss and have us fans get excited over nothing we’ve been through enough!!! Coys

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