The Tottenham Hotspur have come to Denver to challenge Major League Soccer’s best in the 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star Game.

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  1. this mls is literally 20 years old???hop off dick fucking euros yall finally have something to brag about.and what other sports in Europe do yall watch like seriously only soccer I'm done😂😂😂

  2. in 15 years the MLS will be a major league, America is the world's 3rd biggest country population wise and it has the world's biggest sport entertainment industry that is looking for a 5th big league

  3. Great football, but these announcers are unbearable. It's pronounced kaKA (one of the most prominent footballers of the 2000s) not KAka (shit) you ignorant ape…

  4. i admitt that mls has improved very much.If you see games 4-5 years ago the games looked like amateur league games.
    They still have longggg way to become real pros like ch.league teams (since when they participate in mls all stars games its more like a practice game and no real effort is put on the field) but in a few years i believe the teams will improve very much.

  5. __________________________Rimando_______________________________





    ________________________Keane or Drogba___________________________


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