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* A look at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium
* Spurs fan Chris Cowlin visits Tottenham’s new stadium every week, showing you the progress throughout the stadium build
* Check out all the other videos, which show the progress since White Hart Lane was demolished

* Chris Cowlin

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43 comentarios

  1. Hi Chris, I ll be visiting London to watch the Watford and Newcastle Home game during end of Jan to early Feb, do u think our new stadium will be opened before that? (Plus I ll be flying 12hrs to visit London)

  2. only thing i will say is there not going to be any white seats? for branding .. like a big crest in that wall end ? or are they keeping it like that so its neutral for the nfl games?

  3. Looks too Americanised a lot of character and atmosphere will be lost not digging the black seats and not sure it worth best part of a billion pounds .. Does look quite awesomeee though dudeee 😃

  4. Who else is waiting for something to all go wrong? Everything to fall apart, and the best players demanding to leave and nobody else willing to sign? Who knows soon we might even re=hire Harry Redknapp the most useless manager of all time. That would be perfect. Just to seal our fate to the dustbin. Should I be happy? I am, only how many times have I been here before? You understand LOL.

  5. Looks spectacular. As someone who follows a lower league team I really hope we draw Spurs away in the FA Cup at some stage, just so we get a chance to visit…don't think I can wait long enough for a league match!

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