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donde comprar equipaciones de futbol baratas by Me gustado todo no le veo ningún pero muchas gracias lo recomiendo.

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  1. He worshipped by tottenham fans, He's coming to the end of his career and is irreplaceable in my opinion. I wouldn't swap him for ANYONE!

    The most underrated player alive. As a box to box midfielder who has put everybody in their place – and i mean literally nobody.. throughout his peak career, could touch him, few can now! some players were terrified of him.

    His strength is phenomenal. we can't feel it but we can see it – ramos felt it!!

    ..he is choking at the end isn't he? it's only a group stage – Sergio was shocked and instantly switched off his anger. moussa is one of the nicest guys in football, just treat him with utter respect cos he won't tolereate any shit. beast of a player!

  2. There is no place for unrespectfull man like Ramos. If we let people like Ramos continue what he's been doing, then fairness gone. Other player should treat Ramos the same way as Dembele did, especially when referee is too weak or ignorrant to punish Ramos.
    That way Ramos will understand, that just people are brave, and can hurt him the way he hurts others.

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