Jose Mourinho speaks to the media for the first time since his appointment as new manager of Tottenham Hotspur. Mourinho claims he’s “always been humble” despite once referring to himself as “The Special One” and says he couldn’t be happier in his new role. The Portuguese manager says his experience with former clubs Real Madrid, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Manchester United can only be of benefit in North London under Daniel Levy. He also congratulates Mauricio Pochettino on his work as his predecessor, comments on the players in his squad and explains how he will still make mistakes at Spurs whilst trying to rebuild results.

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  1. The scam artist is back Hope Spurs realize the mistake they did ASAP… Poch got the thanks for taking them to C.Lge final last season This NEVER happened in English soccer Shame on you Spurs

  2. Don't think he will succeed. Levy is another Woodward. Mourinho will be forced to use that selfish Son Heung-Min – he brings in the most money and fans to the club, and start bottling games. Son was 14th in the PL in goals last season but everyone has to treat him like a GOAT because he's Asian. If Mourinho knows what's good for him, he'd bin Son and keep him on the bench and sell him at the earliest opportunity. But Mourinho isn't going to do that because he's fallible, lost some of his mojo, and also has been brainwashed about the players in Spurs like half of England seems to be. He's not what he used to be and Levy won't let him do that, and Mourinho is a head coach, not a manager, and Levy pays his wages.
    There will be fall-out when Spurs don't win anything this season, and next season. Remember Chelsea and Hazard? Mourinho kept Hazard over Salah and De Bruyne and we all know what happened that season.
    It will be the same. Mourinho doesn't have the guts to get rid of Alli, Son or Kane. Like at Chelsea, he'll hang onto the "star", and then have bad results because these stars aren't what they are made out to be. That's why Hazard is flopping at Real – something I predicted long ago, when he was still at Chelsea.
    And we will see the same lackluster scoring, like we saw at Man Utd. Frustration will mount.
    He needs to get rid of almost everyone in the forward line and get new faces, especially get rid of Son Heung-Min.
    I warn him: Son Heung-Min was the cause of Spurs' deterioration and the cause of Poch to lose his job.
    If Mourinho doesn't understand this, Son will be the cause of Mourinho's downfall and sacking at Spurs.
    Because of how he was at Chelsea and Man Utd and the repetition of mistakes at those clubs – poor signings and poor eye for talent – he shows that he's past it.
    I have more faith in Rodgers and Lampard to be honest. They make mistakes as well but they are in a positive growth phase and there is still better to come.
    Mourinho is too stubborn and set in his ways and he doesn't take advice of others well. And he is living in the past as well.
    Parking the bus isn't enough – you have to have great scoring as well, and I don't think Mourinho has understood that. And so there will be indifferent results, falling out, and staleness.

  3. The bright face in the beginning. He's delighted. But i still feel for Poch. I'll be delighted when i see that bright face on him when he finds a club he'd like to manage.

  4. It just hurts not seeing Mauricio in that press box…the pain gets worst with every day…its all about Jose now…whereas Pochettino was all about Spurs

  5. That vest was literally taken from the store. the hanger affect still on it lol. Anyways apart from that. Im sure he'll do great, the only person that saved him at man u was zlatan lol

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