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Strange old year. Some bad moments, some good moments and some amazing moments. Up the Spurs!

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  1. Clubs ruined im a spurs fan for 40 years we sacked our best manager ever why? One bad season i cant believe it and they say players have no loyalty i ll miss this manager as a person and as a genius that has helped build thfc into a much bigger club best of luck

  2. Do you mind telling me where you got some of the videos from? I have a fan page on Instagram called @dele.dier and I would really appreciate it. I’ll give you credit and everything, all the best💙

  3. I enjoyed when we beat you in the champions league final so much, ahhh it gave me so much pleasure that not only did we lift trophy but that we beat a premier league rival to it. And that's where that satisfaction stems from, the progress your team has made over the last few years since Poch came in. You guys are a genuine rival now. I respect spurs achievement last year in getting to the final , and I sympathize with your loss in the final because I know how it feels. Can't say I hope you guys win it, because at the end, like I said you guys are rivals and I want my team to win it again (tall task I know lol but lifting the trophy makes you hungrier as a fan). However you guys are definitely going to be challenging this year again, no doubt about it. Excellent team with an excellent manager, miles ahead of the likes of Arsenal , Man United and Chelsea at this present moment

    Edit: well this didn't age well…..

  4. Man, I was bawling my eyes out at the end of this video. I haven't cried like this since my old man passed away. Have the club endorsed any of your videos yet, because I think they should….

  5. Just feels like spurs are on the brink of something big, the comeback in champions league then to make it to the final with the amount of injuries… The new stadium and some signings. A summer of rest. Could be a big year

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