Recorded at White Hart Lane. 25/2/2016
Europa cup Tottenham v Fiorentina 2nd Leg
We won 3-0 on the night, goal scorers were Ryan Mason, 2nd Erik Lamela, 3rd was a own goal.
We won 4-1 on arrogate.
It’s exciting times to be a Tottenham fan right now.
Enjoy the footage and Come On You Spurs!

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  1. It’s when the Paxton randomly respond you have to laugh!! Haha. I’ve sat in every stand at the lane, and I’m gonna be controversial here. The shelf makes the most noise!

  2. I don't know what to say just it's been a while since this video was uploaded but now is the time for UCL we will go at Amsterdam we will defeat ajax and take that UCL at madrid….. ROAD TO MADRID. COYS.

  3. Almost certainly my last time on the shelf maybe even WHL . I stood for so many happy years on the shelf then into a minibus for away games wonderful times sadly missed forever a Yido
    Clive ( Tinys Tours Minibus Army )

  4. Missed the game but remember hearing it on the box and it was insane! it seemed like it went on for 10+ minutes and so loud, after about 3 minutes we were laughing our heads off! it just went on and on and on lol, i thought it would never end! we have the best fans! i'm proud of our great fans! Yidarmy! Coys! TTID!

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