My thoughts on the latest developments regarding Chelsea transfer news

My thoughts on the latest developments regarding Chelsea transfer news

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  1. frank is putting a young team tagliafico is way to old frank is getting a young team together tagliafcio is way to old for chelsea
    will not get tagliafico no frank dose not want old players come on now we have to back frank if he wants to pay 75mill for ben chinwell we have to back him

  2. Spot on. First of all Tagliafico is a must, he’s cheap, a top Fullback and with ziyech already here I’m sure he wouldn’t mind joining.
    On Kepa I agree, I like his mentality hes had a lot of stick but he’s come back stronger and I can tell he wants to be our number one and do his best.
    But I’d like onana to come in too. Not because I don’t trust Kepa it’s because I don’t trust caballero to push Kepa on.
    The argument is that switching keepers will unsettle the defence. But if we brought in koulibaly I think it could work. As he’s a leader and can communicate well which settles the defence.

    Koulibaly 80m
    Havertz 80m
    Onana 30m
    Tagliafico 25m
    215M 🤷‍♂️ it might look unrealistic but I think we could pull it off. If we got these 4 I think our rebuild would be done.

  3. Ben Chilwell is very good then him. Ben chilwell have all we need now as Left back but all I can say is that he's too expensive. But when we remove money about that he is spacial to me since I was watching his game in leciester.

  4. Agree 100% on Chillwell. I feel we can buy Both Onana +Tagliafico for price of one Chillwell. Maybe still have funds left over to go in for Benrahma. Haven't seen anything special from Chillwell to justify the £80M valuation. £40M maybe sure. tops.

  5. Frank Lampard, Chelsea fans want Tagliafico & Onana for £45m regardless. If Kepa leaves, then buy Fraser Forster as well.
    Don't buy Declan Rice ahead of Ampadu when the latter is a much better player.
    If you really thinking of winning CL then you listen to best advise.

  6. Tagliafico is much better than Ben Chilwell. He will be an upgrade at our left back than Ben Chilwell. True, Ben Chilwell is not 3 times better than Tagliafico rather it is the opposite. Buy Tagliafico and Onana for Chelsea best results next season

  7. I really do not understand Chelsea that way, right now. Seriously with maxi 40 million we gonna get him but once again we are just loosing times like we did with Alison Becker (I remember Alison was ready to sign for Chelsea because he said he loves London and in that times they was just Chelsea who was looking to find a goalkeeper, but we just loose time trying to reduce the price till Liverpool come and get him…) Now probably we are going in the same way. Onana clearly said he is going and he want to play in premier league but once again we are just losing times. I really hope we gonna get him, Not expensive and also for to challenge Kepa even for to sell him in case off (for the business) if Chelsea still believe on him. Personnaly I am not fine of Kepa and his perf are just prouve it.

  8. About Chidwell honnestly he don't deserve to come in Chelsea at that price. So for me the best option is to Buy Onana + Alaba or Onana + Tagliafico. By the way Admin I have also a question for you and I hope to have a back. So why Chelsea is not going get Onana quickly ? I remember the french journal "lequipe saying they Chelsea has made Contact with Ajax about Onana's transfer but since now nothing… So what is going on ?

  9. I believe we just need tagliafico. Havertz would be more of a luxury signing. A CB is also needed, but it's very difficult to decide who we're gonna have to sell to bring him in.

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