André Rieu playing before the Ajax – Olympic Marseille game

More than 50.000 elated people sang and danced yesterday with André, before the Ajax-Olympic Marseille game, to the tones of The Second Waltz and The choir of the Hebrew Slaves.It was an overwhelming success! Just as 15 years ago, at the game against Bayern München. Ajax, the Amsterdam footballclub, celebrated its 109th birthday yesterday. So […]

André Rieu playing Second Waltz during half-time Ajax-Bayern München

At an international football match in Amsterdam stadium, André Rieu fills the half-time interval with the «Second Waltz». The fans in the stands sway in time with the music and hum along enthusiastically, as do the TV viewers. While Ajax eventually wins the match against Bayern München, André Rieu gains thousands of new followers. For […]

Ajax CL '94/ '95 – 05 matchday five AC Milan away

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